I was so excited when this gorgeous family contacted me! They were on their way down to St. Pete Beach from all over the country for a family vacation. They were celebrating George and Betsy's (aka Grandma and Grandad's) 50th wedding anniversary! Well, I must say, after 50 years, George and Betsy were all over each other. Seeing them through my lens, surrounded by their loved ones who represented the beautiful life they had built together was .... um ... is there something in my eye?!?

I met the Del Fratte family at the resort where they were staying, Tradewinds Island Grand Resort St. Pete Beach. This stunning resort is directly on the Gulf of Mexico, with a view that can't be beat!

This lively group included a set of five cousins. They say cousins are our first friends. When I remember times spent with my cousins when we were growing up, I know that to be true. They know all about us, including all the goofy and wonderful things we did growing up. A cousin is a unique connection to our history. I love the knowledge that these cousins will look back at the photographs from this session and relive a special time together that they otherwise may have forgotten.

I spent about an hour with the Del Fratte family. It was an hour filled with loving looks, smiles, laughter, teasing, and playing on the beach. I think we succeeded in creating magic together. What do you think?